Fedor and Alina Weekend –  June 30th/July 2nd

now 7h of classes only 105 EUR for all registrants + 1h extra class in Musicality + personal training only 10 EUR (incl. 3x Social Nights)

We present to you our Lindy Hop Weekend with Fedor and Alina in Dresden. It will help you to develop and train your feel in solo & couple dancing for medium & fast swing music.  We offer perfect learning conditions:: max. of 15 couples in each class, inside of a beautiful dance studio. Get inspired, and have great time dancing with us ♪♫

What can you expect?

Solo dancing can inspire can help you get ideas and have more fun on the dance floor. It also enhances your awareness of your own body and create your own personal style of dancing. There will be:: 2h of solo jazz / charleston lessonsLindy Hop includes a lot of technique, improvisation and an exchange of ideas with your dance partner. There will be:: 5h of Lindy Hop lessons.
• This workshop covers a wide range of things that help to improve your dancing.
• The event will be held @ Savoy Club!
• You can book one extra lesson on Saturday afternoon to get private instructions on your musicality and partner dancing.

Class description

The new updated event will have one level for all! No matter if you are Level 1 or Level 2 dancer — Pontus and Isabella will make sure, that you will learn best in our mixed class environment. Our previous class description has been::

Level 1 addressing beginner-intermediate dancers who might have taken between 1-2 years of Lindy Hop classes. You know most of the shim sham elements, and some basic Solo Charleston moves. You are in the process of getting a feel for the music, you want to polish your basics and get to know new fancy useful social moves and techniques.
Level 2 addressing intermediate-advanced dancers who dance more than 2 years of Lindy Hop with more demanding material. You know some Solo Charleston moves, you know the parts or the complete Big Apple or even Trankey Doo. The dancers should also be confident dancing socially and in any connection; dancers who have traveled to a few Lindy Hop festivals or workshops.
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    21:30 … 01:00 Uhr :: Social Dance & Check-In (free)
    10:30 … 11:00 Uhr :: Check-In
    11:00 … 12:15 Uhr :: Class 1
    12:30 … 13:45 Uhr :: Class 2
    — break —
    14:45 … 15:45 :: Fedor Solo Class 3
    16:00 … 17:00 :: Musicality + Private lesson
    21:30 … social dance night (free)
    12:00 … 13:15 Uhr :: Class 4
    13:30 … 14:30 Uhr :: Class 5
    — break —
    15:45 … 16:45 Uhr :: Alina Solo Class 6
    17:00 … social dance :: tea dance (free)
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    extra lesson in musicality & personal issues
    1h Swivel + Private = 15 EUR (Solo) / 10 EUR (Couple p.P.)
    Fullpass / Person
    7h classes = 105 EUR
    Social Dances
    3x social dances = free admission
    (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
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    Workshop & Evening Address

    Savoy Club / Zentralwerk

    Riesaer Str. 32 (Innenhof, Souterrain)
    Jägerstr. 34, 01099 Dresden
    Klingel B10506
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    AGBs / Terms and Conditions

    To avoid ending up bankrupt, we aligned the following rules…

    Jam Circle reserves the right to cancel the workshop, if need be. In case of a cancellation you will receive a full refund of your purchased tickets. The Jam Circle team cannot held liable for lost property or injuries incurred at the workshop or related to a registration.

    +++ You can always find a replacement taking your spot, according to your role (Lead/Follow). You may submit changes until June 20th 2017, 10:00 am. We won’t accept any changes beyond this date.

    +++ If you cancel your booking for any reason before Mai 1st 2017 there is a 20 % cancellation fee.

    +++ If you cancel your booking for any reason between Mai 1st 2017 and March 31st 2017, there is a 50 % cancellation fee.

    +++ For cancellations after Mai 31st 2017, no refunds can be granted.

    All registrations are binding, oblige acceptance and payment within 14 days after receiving payment instructions. The German Distance Selling Act bears a two week revocation period, but according to § 312g Paragraph 2 Nr. 9 BGB it is not applicable for ticket sales or camp bookings. Despite this German Distance Selling Act we allow you to transfer your camp registration and party tickets to another person without any fees until June 20th. We also offer the cancellation of your order. The above mentioned cancellation fees apply according to the date of your cancellation.

    With your registration you accept these terms and policies.

    Each registration is binding and obliges payment as soon we accepted the registration. If you receive payment instructions we accepted your registration. Contact us if you did not receive any instructions. You absolve Jam Circle team, their agents, the instructors, the venues and the staff of any and all responsibility for injuries and future injuries you might suffer or cause in result of my participation at Jam Circle workshops, dances, it’s surrounding areas and parking lots. You grant to Jam Circle the unrestricted rights to take motion and still pictures of you. To use and distribute these pictures and recordings, in any and all media now known or hereafter invented, devised, or discovered, in perpetuity, throughout the world, including without limitation in advertisements, publicity, marketing and merchandising.

    Registrants please provide your valid email address, no old email please. Understand that in order of your participation we want to be able to contact you.

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    Night Stay, Hostel & hosting

    Best places to check for hostels or accommodation are Dresden-Neustadt, or nearby the center.

    We also recommend to search with AirBnB or Couchsurfing. Alternatively you should try to check “Jugendherbergen, Ferienwohnungen, Pension or Hostels.

    Names of Hostels: Lollies Homestay, Mondpalast, Louise, Mescalero, Kangaroo Stop, LaLeLu, etc. …
    Please check on your own: uebernachtung-in-dresden-neustadt.de
    We had a good experience with researching at hostelworld.com.

    For hosting requests please note, that we cannot promise to organize your hosting. We will do our best, but it has worked out great so far to start looking at the following platforms yourself:


    Though from our own experience it is not easy finding a host, if you have no private connection to the dance community. Once you got to know the dancers in person it is much easier. Still you should try, or search for couch surfing and airbnb.

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    7h of classes incl. 3x social dances
    Partner One
    Partner One
    Partner One
    please confirm your email
    City / Stadt
    State / Bundesland
    Zip code / PLZ
    Country of residence / Land
    please enter your street name and number, your country et cetera
    You can lead or follow, please choose your role.
    Partner Two
    Partner Two
    Please add the valid email of your dance partner.
    please confirm the email
    The full pass provides access to all parties. For better planning we would need information about which parties you plan to join.
    LEADs + FOLLOWs :: 1h private lesson in swivel and personal issues on Saturday 5 p.m.
    total sum (incl. 19% VAT)
    please be kind and offer hosting for our guests - you can as well post your hosting request right here

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  • Alina Sokulska originally from Kyiv (Ukraine), based worldwide. Alina has been dancing since she remembers herself, from the very early age. Having a rigorous training in a professional dance performance company Show-ballet A6 (Kyiv) since 8, Alina has been experimenting on and learning all possible dances. She met social dance at 17 and since then jazz, swing, lindy-hop, tap, blues, be-bop, UK Jazz, latin dance, traditional African dance, were the issues that excited her most.

    Her dance experience met with academic formation in Arts helps Alina to comprehend Jazz Dance, her major passion, as a historical and anthropological phenomenon of the Art of mixed identities. This helps her as a dancer to find new profound approaches to choreography, social dance, improvisation, musicality and a dancing style. Moreover, she has been sharing her experience teaching both solo and couple dances with her partner Fedor Nedotko, lecturing, performing, choreographing and collaborating with jazz bands as well as hosting dance weekends, workshops and festivals in Ukraine, Russia as well as around the world.

    She set up her company Jazz Workshop with Alina Sokulska in 2013, cherishing the concept of dance expression to Jazz Music of any style, elaborating on her own dance language and artistic voice researching rare jazz dance forms of the 20th century through African-American Body Movement.

    Her dance mentors, both met and never met ones are Al Minns, Leon James, Teddy Brown, Jimmy Slyde, Alvin Ailey, Brothers-in-Jazz and Irven Lewis, Chester Whitmore, Gordon Neil, Frankie Martinez, Josette Wiggan, Roxane Butterfly, many others and of course… Music!

    In her art she tries to follow the quotation by Hope Boykin, Ailey dancer:
    Everything should be done with purpose, passion and style. Everything.

Fedor Nedotko was one of the first professional dancers in East European region to promote jazz dance, swing dance, African dance and salsa in the early 2000s. Based in St. Petersburg, Fedor remains one of the most influential instructors in Russia and its neighbor countries. He is a founder of Casa Latina dance club, where he has educated several generations of swing and salsa dancers, applying his fundamental approach of the African rooted nature of these major American social dance styles.

Fedor has started dancing as a ballroom dancer in his native city, Cherepovets, Russia, in 1990s, since 1994 – a member of “Bomond” dance theatre. Since 1998 Fedor has been living and working actively in St. Petersburg, two years after he discovered a world of social dance, traveling abroad and taking classes of such native masters as Frankie Manning, Sugar Sullivan, Dawn Hampton, Steven Mitchell, Lennart Westerlund, Peter Loggins, and many more.

“For me, jazz is not an abstract music, it is, first of all, a dancing mood, a state of emotional excitement. I don’t follow any particular swingdance styles as all of them create unique swingdance world. I consider musicality, comfort, freedom and partnering to be the most important in dancing.”


On the dance floor
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